Shy Roof and Gravity Systems

If you have an angled window or rooflight in a commercial building residential property in Cheltenham or Gloucester, our Shy Roof and Gravity Systems are the perfect solutions for controlling light, glare, and heat. Traditional blinds won’t fit skylights or angled commercial windows, but our unique Gravity Systems are custom-made to fit these unique windows and are easy to control with our ZIP® technology and Fabric Tensioning System (FTS).

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Our Services:

  • SHY Obscura® rooflight blinds
  • FTS Rooflight blinds
  • Commercial blinds
  • Residential blinds
  • External blind systems

Shy Roof Blinds

SHY Obscura® rooflight blinds are made to operate in a vertical or horizontal position, depending on your window. They work at any angle and can be drawn upwards, downwards, or sideways for ease of use.

Our quick-fix, high-strength brackets are custom made to fit your window, and you have the option for manual or motorised operation.

For commercial properties with extremely large windows, we have a double motor Shy Roof system to ensure it’s strong enough for the application.

These blinds not only look fantastic but also easily control light, heat, and glare, no matter how large the window.

FTS Rooflight Blinds

Our FTS Rooflight blinds are a gravity system designed specifically for skylights. They can be installed at any angle, operate both vertically and horizontally, and can also be drawn upwards, downwards, or sideways.

We know how difficult it can be to control light and heat when you have a large rooflight, but our FTS Rooflight system looks modern and works effectively.

The stainless steel cables attach to a sidebar which pulls the fabric across effortlessly. Driven by a motor, you won’t need chains to pull, and the blinds will pull with ease.

To learn more about our Shy Roof and Gravity Systems and book a free consultation to find out if they would be a good fit for your property, call our team today: 01452 731 801

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